Monday, April 21, 2008

This new cricket buzz...

The ICL series has come and gone in a heartbreaking fashion. I will of course, not mention the events that brought the series to a close. I tend to block bad memories out. (Damn and blast.)

IPL just taking off. Let's see how this goes. As of now, all I can pray for is that Shah Rukh Khan stop inviting Arjun Rampal to matches with him if he's going to act like an absolute jackass. Which is what he's been doing on both occasions so far. (Mr Rampal, what's with that hair? Were you too busy sucking up to Shah Rukh Khan to notice he finally chopped his embarrassing attempt a whiles ago? Or are you trying to oull a Milind Soman? Because that would be truly hilarious... )
And, SRK: Vivek Oberoi? Seriously?
Anyway. So the Kolkata Knight Riders are two for two, and Bangalore finally managed a win tonight. In thrilling Mark Boucher-ish fashion.
We shall watch with interest to see if all the hoopla is sustained.
In the meanwhile, Life carries on.
And Boomsa is walking a little way away from mine. To Secunderabad. Maudlin, painful, silly post to follow on that. Which won't even begin to cover it.
I mean, I know and up and left for Mumbai last December, but does that mean anyone else can? NO....
Bwaiiiii, Anupam.


Anoopa Anand said...

Come here no? It's lovely weather.
Okay, I can't lie to you. But come here.

kinkminos said...

saab-ji, while much has been said (or at least should have been said) about the media circus that is i.p.l. i remain (typically) on the fence about t20's contribution towards the future of cricket.

in a 21st century world awash in "entertainment" options, the possibility of getting bums on seats for a whole day (let alone five whole days) is getting remoter and remoter, so to speak. thus, on the one hand, t20 is successfully trawling punters by the shitload.

on the other hand, while the sight of a mccullum or a yusuf pathan going ballistic is surely worth watching, i find the thrill of it all to be going stale. nahin ji, ye kirkit nahi re. if this is to the future of cricket, i think i should start looking for another sport to amuse myself with.

longblackveil said...

Anoops: Watch me. I'll come soonly only.

Kinky saheb: Oh, I don't know. I find T20 a far better option than watching other tripe on TV. (So now you know what my life is like...) If nothing else, we pick up some nice piece of trivia everyday.
PS: Am going for the Bangalore IPL match(es). Look for a Long Black Veil in the stands.

kinkminos said...

sorry to see your team lost last night. and despite keeping my very tired eyes peeeeeeeled, caught no diving catches, or even glimpses of longest blackest veilings.