Tuesday, June 03, 2008

how do I neglect thee?
let me count the ways.


Fahad said...


On behalf of all the readers here is a request asking you to shed more light on these two lines.

Merci beaucoup

Apoorv Gawde said...

very very familiar lines :)

cannot place them, its a poem I have read, Is it Love or Hate?

well meanwhile check this version of LBV, 2 of my favorite singers


longblackveil said...

Thanks, Good Gawde. That was excellent. And Joni Mitchell, so young! Great video. Johnny Cash gives me the goosies.

@Fahad and Good Gawde: Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Sonnets from the Portuguese, How Do I Love Thee?

Apoorv Gawde said...

and yes again! I just pinged my friend to say how that video gave me goosebumps :D

Fahad said...

Really nice.

I like!

Anoopa Anand said...

Anger rocks.
Sarcasm overthrows.


kinkminos said...

sorry, but i thot it was kinda (to put it mildly) soppy. it was not so much a case of goosebumps for me as juddering over a series of speed-bumps.

(i know, bohat budd-zouq hunh!!!)

one of the comments below the video was about how they didn't gel together. actually joni (whom i'm quite a fan of) (listen to the court and spark album, esp the title track) sounded like it might have been johnny cash's with a certain sensitive part of his anatomy in a vice grip. (ouch)

longblackveil said...

Boomsa: You and your cryptics. Tchah.
Mian Budd-Zouq: I am agreed with you on this point. Too soppy by far. I just shamelessly tweak the first two lines of the poem as I want. Suits me just fine. And then? What else? I am now going to run to your blog to see if there are any updates after the camel chronicles.

ashes said...

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was great!

But was that pic clicked from a hazy distance?

longblackveil said...

Hi Ashes, thanks for dropping by.