Thursday, August 28, 2008


Excuse me, Boomsa. I am missing you. Come back.
Okay, bye.


Fahad said...

haha. How kyoot. :)

Anonymous said...

No sports on TV? -AR

longblackveil said...

Horror of horrors, no TEN SPORTS for me. Hathway isn't allowing me the privilege of watching th US Open.
Also, have had no time to write for a while. Tchahh only.

Fahad said...

No problem. Federer is going to win anyways.

Come on jooooooo

kinkminos said...

the u.s. open men's tennis final starts in two hours.

what are the odds murray will win?

Anoopa Anand said...

Shit, I just only saw this. Well, I AM coming. On the 19th. To say goodbye. Cow.