Friday, May 08, 2009

That trip to Breswana

1. Peter: Lolling in the grass.

2. More Fearless Nadia action. God, I love that hat.
3. My ride. (The white horse, not the little boy. Little boy is chaperon.) 4. First few homes as we approach Breswana. This is what we'd call 'downtown'.
5. Back fields. Wheat crop, due for a June harvest.
6. Dad's Old Reliable. Very old stud from Zaskar. Lots of attitude and temper and tantrums. I am a strict believer in the Betaab tenet: "Jaanwar jitna sarkash ho, utni aasaani se train kiya jaa sakta hai....". That would make Dad Sunny Deol.

7. Canine v. Bovine: Ultimate Face Off. (Shortly after this pic, Peter tucked tail and ran...)


Babur said...

"I am a strict believer in the Betaab tenet: "Jaanwar jitna sarkash ho, utni aasaani se train kiya a sakta hai....". That would make Dad Sunny Deol."

Or in "Chelaram, raees ghorda shord do"

Fahad said...

Meaning you really know how to ride a horse? Like really? WOW!

Brilliant pictures Sabbah. Teach me horse riding when I visit Kashmir okay? Okay.

PS: Is the said downtown also the red-light area? Free cannabis and all.

longblackveil said...

BB: Isn't is 'saees', ghoda chod do? I thought 'saees' meant stewards... Ooof. Now I'll have to look this up.
No, no, Abba can't be Chelaram. Doesn't fit the profile. (Wafa could definitely be Dinky.)

Fahad: Free cannabis all over the place, man.

Fahad said...

My question remains unanswered. You can ride a horse? Or is it just used to carry load?

longblackveil said...

FAHAD!!!!: What part of "We are so cool you'd think Norway is balmy" didn't you get?
Hah. Can we ride horses, it seems. Sure we can. Have been at it from the time we were so high. *Indicates knee level*
We can also:
1. Climb trees
2. Do animal imitations
3. Somersault
4. Turn cartwheels
5. Swim
6. Climb mountains (up and down)
7. Pick out wild berries from certain bushes
8. Make pulao
9. Play every kind of card game ever known,
and other such brilliant things that one HAS to know to be a true Pahaadi Kashmiri.

*flicks speck off right shoulder*

Fahad said...

Vaav! Except for 1,3,4 and 8 which I can already do. How I wish I was a Pahaadi Kashmiri.

Babur said... you had me confused as well. so i started looking for betaab dialogues and came across this gem....

Ravi : Jitendra
Maa : Nirupa Roy
Foto : Om prakash

Ravi: Maa, Tumhaare aasheervaad se main aaj B.A. FIRST class mein
pass ho gaya hoon.
[ Mom, your cool_dude son graduated today ]
[ Guess what ?! In first class ]

Maa : Bahuth khushee ki baath hai beta. Le, yeh parshaad kha le.
[ Son, that's really impressive. Thulp this parshaad ]

[Roy goes to the Foto of Om prakash, that is hanging on the wall]

Dekho ji. Aaj apke beta ne aap ki baath nibhaya hai.
[ Look hubby, your son the cool dude, what a shot !]

[ Roy to her son ]
Beta ... Ek achchi si naukari doond le Aur,
Jaldi se ek Bahuraani bhi le aaa
[ Son, how about cashing a job and closing on a female ? ]

Ravi: Maa ... uummnn ... Bahu rani tho my dhoond hee liya hai.
[ Geez, closed on a girl already ]

Maa : SSsaachchc?^#!@*&! Kaun hai beta vo khush kismat valee ?
[ Really !, who's that babe ? ]

Ravi: Seth Gangaram ki beti, Asha.

[ ddaannn ...dddaaann .... music in the background
and a face full of *%$*( of Nirupa Roy in the foreground ]
The rest of it is left to your imagination.

The saga continues...

Maa: BETAA!!! Yeh mujhse tu kis janam ka badla le raha hai!?
(Sonny, whatcha screwing up my happiness for?)

Ravi: MAA, tu kyaa keh rahee hai?

Maa: Beta, yeh wohi Seth Gangaram hai jisne tere pitaajee kaa
khoon karvayaa thaa! (BACKGROUND musicians go CRAZY!)
(You little twerp, this was the same jerk who knocked up
( your daddy-jee)

Ravi: Kya!?

Member of Audience: Abbe saale, sunaaee nahi deta tereko!?
(Hey, brother-in-law, can't you hear?)

Ravi: Maa, yeh tu kyaa keh rahi hai?

(Writer's Interjection: Our Hero is not exactly PhD material, wonder how he got 1st class.)

Maa: Beta, bees saal pehle ke baat hai...
(Son, this happened 20 years ago...)

Ravi: Yeh, yeh mom get on with it. I've heard that before...
(Haan, haan maa aur kuch bolo. Yeh maine sab suna hua hai...)

Maa: (STARTS SOBBING HYSTERICALLY) Beta, beta yeh tu kya keh raha hai...

Audience Member 2: Arre yaar yeh to phir rone lagee!!!
(Geez man this woman started all over again)

Other Members: MAARO MAARO ISSE!!!
(Kill her, Kill her)

SO we Finally get rid of Ms. Roy. Thanks once again to the mob
mentality. Who said mob mentality was all bad!!

longblackveil said...

Nyaaahhahaha. Very good, BB. :)

Zeba Talkhani said...

Jammu and Kashmir. Wow. I have heard it is a really beautiful place and now I see it! Love the pics. Very serene if I may call them that!!

Ishfaq Ahmad said...

Speechless,,,May the good work keep going..Someday i would love and be honored to apply as a volunteer Teacher...
Keep it up

Ishfaq Ahmad said...

Speechless,,,May the good work keep going,,,Someday i would love and be honored to apply as a volunteer Teacher,,Till then
Good luck