Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Celeb Lookalikes...

Here are more! Whee, what fun.

1. Matt Damon-Mark Wahlberg-Michael Ballack: Verrry obvious

2. Then: Debra Messing (of 'Will and Grace') and Pooja Batra (of.... err, of some Hindi fillums. That very good one with Anil Kapoor and Tabu where she is unceremoniously cast off as the foreign gal.)I know. Scary, isn't it?

3. Then: Aleem Dar and Waqar Younis: HALLO! This is on par scary with Helen and Leelee, as well as Debra-Pooja.

4. Next up we have Salman Ahmed from Junoon and Oded Fehr, the hot Medjai guy in The Mummy. Oh ho, see below.

5. Last one I remembered for today: Shannen 'Brenda Walsh' Doherty and apni Rani Mukerjee


Basically Blah said...

Lol! I is liking muchly! More, more!!

Basically Blah said...

Lol!! I is liking muchly! More, more! Pwetty please!

Fahad said...

Okay besides the obvious Jim Morrison and the other hottie,

1) Harrison Ford - Liam Neeson
2) Ronaldo - Nani
3) Ralph Fiennes - Bradley Cooper (of the Hangover)
4) Ruud Gullit - Frank Rijkaard (heart)
5) John Terry - Dunga (

More later.