Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Hate Brigade

"Don't you just love it when 'Anonymous' comes into your life and pees in a corner of the room?"
This is something I happened to ask
Good Gawde after a nonsense person left a rude comment on one of his posts. What is up with that? It was a charming post, I thought personally. Amusing, sarky, serious and informative in the right proportions. *applause*

Once upon a time I posted a harmless home video of the tragicomic reaction of my family minutes after Pak's 'Misbah 5 Runs' loss to India at the first T20 World Cup, on YouTube. Shockingly got lots of hits and even more shockingly started a war of words (and not very kind words) on the India-Pakistan-Kashmir situation. I tried replying reasonably for a longish time and deleted most of the obscene stuff coming in. So many kind suggestions from Indians for me and all bloody Kashmiris to go 'back' to Pakistan (obviously on foot, and not in the sense that Kashmir should go to Pakistan), Pakistani friends effing and $%#%#-ing Indian counterparts in equal measure, religious extemporising, Islam-Terror-Jihad allusions etc. Lots and lots of pleasant stuff like that.
Then, wonder of wonders, one day I found the 'Disable Comments' option and life was so much simpler after!

I can understand not liking something someone has written or an opinion expressed, but wherefore the rudeness and getting personal and juvenile arguments that follow? Take
any YouTube video and chances are you'll spot some loser saying something really nasty in the comments. Here's what amazes me: What a shit load of time people must have to post comments on random sites and pick fights with strangers who then also get involved with their hearts and souls. Entertaining actually if it wasn't so annoying.
I hate rude people.
Just saying.


Nida said...

How true!! I was surprised to see same reaction even @ work.... strange....

Anonymous said...

How dare you hate rude people? huh how can you?

you must be kidding me!

Apoorv Gawde said...

ahem, yes yes the comment was me :P

Just could not resist! Anyway there is a term for such great beings.

Dem are de 'Trolls'

But I do have loads of fun trawling IMDB message boards and reading some hilarious comments by dem Trolls.

BTW, thanks for the compliments on the post. As promised when we struck the deal, I shall shower your next post with compliments like anything! :P

longblackveil said...

Trolls, ah? Terry Pratchett trolls are way cooler.
Of course you were 'Anonymous'. And that was a very lame attempt at being rude. Wherefore the deeply personal insults and name calling? Pah, waste only.

PS: Why did you let out our little secret into the open? I'll have my next post out as soon as I feel low self-esteem. Okay? *winku winku*

Anonymous said...

Well I hope this doesn't defame the entire Anonymous population. We mean well. I sign my posts always with 'AR'; does that make me truly 'anonymous'? -AR

longblackveil said...

No, no, AR Rahman. This does not tarnish the image of all anonymouses everywhere. Especially if you are semi anonymous, like you are.
This post was 'Just Saying'.

Saad Akhtar said...

Ah.. rude people on Youtube/Rediff. You can't run from them.

Youtube is good if you want people to find your video (for publicity/traffic/whatever). If you just want to share or get good feedback, I've seen Vimeo has a much MUCH more cultured audience.

And yes, the Internet + Anonymity thing.. well it brings out the G.I.F. in everyone: Penny Arcade

And thanks for the kumpetition plug :D

longblackveil said...

Saad saar, you said it wrong. It's 'kumpteeshun'. Hilarious Penny Arcade faarmoolah. Spot on only. Also, using your webcomic kumpteeshun post was only a means of making my blog more colourful and interesting, as all my 3 readers will tell you. :) Fully enjaaing flyyoufools every time. See you later.

longblackveil said...

Hiya AR.
Thanks, had already Tweeted the Sania Mirza break-up earlier today.
You can find me on Twitter: imsabbah