Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tripping on Arabic Pop

That's what I've been doing these past few days.
Primary reason being my unhealthy love for the language that is Arabic, with its depth, poetry, romance, and heavy throatiness.
The other being, it is good music. I don't listen to popular Angrezi music much because that often inspires me to attempt to kill myself, but Arabic pop is fun, fun, fun.
But I am a dilettante fan. Have no real knowledge of real great Arab greats. A cursory Google search lands me the usual suspects: Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Khaled, Ramsy etc. Amr Diab of course seems to be the ishtaar of the lot, and has been since my school days.
In any case, that's my trip currently. And a few important observations after YouTubing Arabic music videos:
1. These modern vids are classy, shot very nicely.
2. The women are gorgeous.
3. The men are gorgeous.

Here's Nancy Ajram with 'Enta Eih'. English subs for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Amazing number by nancy.. lot of love.. 'Desert Rose'

Tausif Alam said...

nice video.Thanks for sharing.

Qrratugai said...

heee heee! Me, toooo! I love Arabic music! You should hear Mahmoud Darwish's and Nizar Qabbani's poetry being sung! OMG, it's ROCKING GOOD!!

Neha said...

Lovely song, but did not understand the video...why was the woman so sad? He did not seem to have cheated on her and he seemed to be drunk at a party?? That's all! Instead of crying her heart out, she should have given him one tight slap and he would have been sober right then!