Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yes, yes, contrary to what you think, I do not write only about Arundhati Roy. [Oh, look, I did it again.]
Anyway, am back from quick trip to Breswana and the school. Attended a couple of weddings, and a couple of funerals. Most disturbing.
Pics soon. Here's a sample, from happy times in Breswana:

This here is my new puppy face. So far have not named him because he has not yet developed an animality. Based on looks alone, we call him Motu. Sometimes we call him Fatty. (He does't respond to either.) He responds very well to food.
He's very adorable, okay? Okay.


Anonymous said...

sorry to ask this..but u r muslim right?and isnt it prohibited for a muslim to have a dog, and even hold a dog..sorry once again for the questions..and many thanks..

longblackveil said...

Heheheh. No. Who told you that? Thank fo asking to clear this up.
Please discard this notion into waste bin. :) Islam says no such thing and is particularly strident about treating animals with kindness. The conditions for having dogs are that they be kept for a reason, not just to cuddle and pet and treat as non-canines (a.k.a Paris Hilton and her armpit dog Tinkerbell). Also, we have to be careful about our cleanliness after interacting with dogs. The 'Islam hates dogs' argument is one of the most popular and incorrect Islamophobic myths in the world. Bust it!

Qrratugai said...

LOL @ "he doesn't respond to either"! I love it!

longblackveil said...

Thank yous, dear Q.

100hands said...

Hi Sabbah,
Premjit, 100hands dot net, remember?
Wrote to you a while back, now touching base again. How have you been? Where are you these days?
Are you coming to Bangalore anytime, it would be nice to meet...
I live in Vashisht, Himachal and will be there from March to begin work on an artists-collective...I have taken a lovely old wooden house and I would like to do some humanitarian work would be nice to talk and seek your advice...
Oh, you posted this on 11 November, my birthday... :)

100hands said...

And PS., is the little puppy a cocker spaniel, I too had one for a while who looked exactly like this chap... his name was Gucci... :)

Yasin said...

Seriously your posts make me reminiscent of all things back home..more amusing than that is your subtly-imbued-with-humour writing flair..
"the aim of the game apparently is to cramp as many human bodies as possible within the smallest confines"...LOLZZ I can relate to that...and that - "select group of close lady relatives from the girl's side, gets to come to his room and stare at him for a while."..Double LOLZZ

longblackveil said...

Hi 100hands :)
Thank you for leaving kind comments. Yes, we should definitely touch base and talk about work. Nothing I like better. So which is it, Vashisht or BLR? Let me know if and how I can help with anything.
Motu is a cocker spaniel and mongrel mix, hence cocky spangrel. Heh.
@Yasin: Thanks very much. Where is 'home' for you?

100hands said...

Hey Sabbah,
I will be back in Vashisht from February...going to be in Benaras for the whole of December, plan to shoot a film there with some friends...lets see how it pans out. When I come back north, it would be lovely to make a visit to Breswana and meet you, what you are doing is amazing... lots to learn from you... :)

A K Shan said...

hi iam amer kumar shan korrara
main haji public school ki bhout tareef karta houn is liya kyoun ki haji sahib ne har goan main apna jo school khola hai haji pub school ke naam se us se humara goan walon ke bacho ko kafi nolag milega