Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meanwhile Back Home...

Kashmir does not rest. The media party has ended, sure. But nothing has really changed since last summer's horror.
Tehelka is possibly the only popular publication that continues to show real interest in Kashmir, after all the hurly burly was done.
I recommend subscribing to's Kashmir Uncut YouTube channel, for some real reporting, ugly truths and hopefully, eye-openers. Special series directed by Pragya Tiwari and team.

Note: Most vids are- well, apart from worth watching - saddening, disturbing or plain infuriating. Keep that in mind before you start.


Serenity said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I can't watch it at this moment because I just finished re-watching an extremely infuriating and disturbing film -- Earth, 1947! But having seen what Swat and neighboring districts in Pakistan went through the last couple of years, and having watched what Kashmiris go through daily, I am pretty sure I've become numb to these mistreatment! Not that being numb to them is a good thing at all... it's really sad that this has to happen. Some friends mentioned yesterday that people in Afghanistan have literally become numb to death and bombing and pain! A loved one gets killed or raped (by the invaders, that is), they go, "Oh, what's new?"

longblackveil said...

Yeah, Q. Desensitized is correct, but all said and done, it still hits one hard when we see/hear this stuff up close and personal.
And when it's your own people, and you see faces like this and stories like this always. Sigh.
Watch the vids, but only if you're up to it.

Sarem said...

Not to belittle the plight and suffering of the people of Kashmir, but the fact that people become desensitized, no matter how cruel their numbness can be, is in fact a survival instinct/condition that allows human beings to rationalize and justify atrocity and heinous events.

longblackveil said...

Dear Sarem, thank you for dropping by. And agree.

Vikram said...

Forgive this perhaps naive question, but do you know what the legal mechanics of these bans are ? I mean they seem grossly unconstitutional (notwithstanding that Kashmiris might not accept the Consti) and I cant imagine them withstanding a legal challenge.