Saturday, February 11, 2006

This too shall pass.

Pig sty.

=Big stye.

This kills my grand plans for promiscuous socialising over the weekend.


vaibhav said...

Oh-ho....looks who's back! :)
Eh... ranting about failed plans to socialise over the weekend is no Bangalore phenomena. Happened to me many times! :)

100hands said...

Bo and arapax it.

longblackveil said...

Vaibhav: Ah, yes, but this be's my first stye thingy. Very not novel experience.
Yuk. Have sruck an askew banaid over my eye and am at work. Needless to say, answering the same question is teeth-gratingly somewhat.

100: You are a highly intelligent being, proficient in the ways of medicinal science. [Unless you're talking about football celebs.]
Tues and Thurs are lucky for you. Wear pink on the 14th. It will bring you good luck.

And thanks for helpfulnesses.

Jugular Bean said...

Great big sty in the eye!
I think it's cool, might dampen the promiscuous socialising, but you can definitely get some grossing out done!

longblackveil said...

Why, Mr Bean! The self-same thought I comforted myself with! And, when the BlackVeil is let loose, all thought is translated into action. Mins like, I DID do unmentionable things to the blight on my sight. Oozing might have occurred, as also strange discoloration and howling in pain.

As for socialising,none of the promiscuous sort, for obvious reasons, but I did leave the household with my girlfriend for a short drive. With my shades on. Like a celeb. Moooahahahaha.