Thursday, March 16, 2006

Take it away, ladies

Or Take 5 at least.

Much funs were had at a lovely shady joint [shady implying dim lighting] on 100 Ft Rd yestereve.
I had a Cooli Mooli. Need more be said?


vaibhav said...

What is Coolie moolie? Please put off the dim lighting and shed some light. :)

longblackveil said...

VAibhav: you spelt it all wrong, sir.
It was a Cooli Mooli I had. No ending "e". Makes all the difference in the world, you know.
So anyway, Cooli Mooli is a fantastical concoction of lime juice, lychee nectar, watermelon juice and lovely slithers of watermelon on a bed of criushed ice. These slithers are to be saved till the end when they may be retrievd with a spoon.Cooli Mooli is highly non-alcoholic and very likely to induce uncontrollable giggling and slurping noises. It is lovely.