Saturday, March 15, 2008

McLaren Hams it up!

Ah, the very wonderful feeling one gets on waking up (relatively) early on a Saturday morning, 0830 hrs, to see McLaren put on a good show as usual- Hamilton taking a very expected pole and Heikki rolling in with a smooth third posish on the starting grid. And to see a certain team go Red in the face settling for fourth and... what's that???!!!... 16th?! Just ahead of Fisi in the Force India car??!
And what else do we see? That it might not just be a McLaren-Ferrari 2008. BMW is looking bloody good as well. Kubica streaked through his final run during Q3. First time ever he'll start on the front line of the grid. Vaaav for him.

Great fun watching the drivers stay on course without traction control this season. We'll have some amusing slips and slides, I can tell.
So... till the morrow...

(In the meanwhile, juvenile Ferrari fan behaviour has been noted in the immediate aftermath of the Qualifying what with pathetic text messages saying things like "McCheaters" etc etc. Haw haw.;)

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Babur said...

Whatever. McLaren got lucky. Watch out for the prancing horse at Sepang.