Saturday, March 08, 2008

Scientifically speaking

Up until this day, the Saab was unclear on the difference between 'concave' and 'convex'. Yes, it's true. I used to confuse one with the other. I. Did. Not. Know. *blush*
Oh, sure I knew all about it in school when I was studying 'Light' and doing practicals in the Physics lab with lenses, but directly on giving the examination at the end of the year, it passed out of my mind like so many other academic gems that I wouldn't be needing in real life. Like manually calculating the square root of a number. (Hullo? Basic calculator, anyone?)
And now Boomsa has removed this highly troubling scientific question from the Saab's list of Doubts in Life with one simple, intelligent line in her poem:
"...And as I gazed at your convex dimple,
part eclipsed by an olive..."
-from Lost, by Boomsa

Ha ha! And there you have it. Problem solved.
I know what a dimple looks like. I now know to associate 'dimple' with 'convex'. And that's one thing less to worry about before I pass on from this life. Why couldn't they explain it like that back in school so I wouldn't have had to pass all these years praying no one asked me, "So, Saab. Is this convex or concave? Hmmm?" *wiggling eyebrows*

Thanks, Boo.
The associated photograph for this post has been hand-picked by me keeping in mind our awe and respect for Preity 'Skimmerish' Zinta. Who has convex dimples. As does everyone else. I'll always remember.
Celeb 1: "Erm. 'Skimmerish'?"
Pretty Stupid: "Yeah! You know. When two people have a ta-ta-ta!"

Postscript: Thanks to one Ashes, I am making a edit to this post stating that dimples are in fact 'concave', and poor Boo and I were both mistaken. 'Convex' would be pimples, 'concave' would be dimples. Remember that...


ashes said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Saab, your friend too is unclear about the difference. A quick look-up up the dictionary or google would reveal that they'd be called pimples were they convex :)

longblackveil said...

Haaaaahhahahaaaaaahaaa!! Thanks, Ashes. And now I will really never ever forget the difference.
Poor Boomsa. She'll have to change it to 'convex pimple' or 'concave dimple.' Not as snappy, wot?

Stayingcolors said...

Sabby I've lived in mortal fear of the very same question! Dimples and pimples make it ever so easy to come out of scientific hoodlum state. Must come up with more of such things for refraction, diffraction muddle.

Tisha said...

haha :) what drew me to this post was the fact that i happened to be watching reruns of Koffee with Karan and watched the whole "Skimmerish" scene unfold and i was thinking, what a bunch of idiots. And just to make sure i had the last laugh, i came online to check if there ACTUALLY is a word like 'skimmerish' and i look what i found... :)

Nice read. All the best.