Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I watched, I liked.
Certainly not fabulous enough to win Best Film, but very good nonetheless. Mr Pitt was fantastic as I think he always is (the poor underrated sod what with his pretty face taking away from his acting).
Extremely impressed with the gorgeous Cate Blanchett since she was herself for a longer period in this film than Brad was himself.

Loved: Cate Blanchett as the contemporary dancer. As the insecure older woman. As the gorgeous love interest.
Loved: Tilda Swinton's character and esp. the "It was nice to have met you." note.
Loved: The love between Benjamin and Daisy.
Loved: Brad on bike. Rowrrr.
Loved: The ending where Cate holds Baby Brad in her arms. So bleddy clever.
Loved: Various other things.

Did not like: Weak to-ing and fro-ing between present and past. Julia Ormond has pissed me off from the time she caused all that havoc in Legends of the Fall. She continues to do so in this film.

New movie on wishlist: Rachel Getting Married

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