Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lahore Attack on Sri Lankan Team

What the...? Of all the sports teams in the world, Sri Lanka's cricket team is probably the nicest bunch and this makes Lahore's senseless attack all the more disturbing.
Which is not to say I would be celebrating if the Aussies were the target. Just adds to the incredulity of this whole mess.
Very Munich, which mixes someting clean like sports with mindless, dirty politics.As usual, the BBC gives the most comprehensive coverage. Read here.

My pick of the quotes in the aftermath of said incident:
South Africa captain Graeme Smith: "The word 'tragedy' is often used to describe a setback on a sporting field but this is a real tragedy. It is a tragedy for all the people of Pakistan and Sri Lanka, it is a tragedy for cricket and it is a tragedy for all decent people."
That's all.

Nice blog post on The Dawn's website here.
Comments below blog were all sensible, mature and sincere. Very, very strange and heartening to see.


simply61 said...

Nice blog Sabah.I just chanced upon it via a pakistani website.

simply61 said...

Nice blog Sabah.I chanced upon it via a Pakistani web site.

longblackveil said...

Thank you, Sir Simply. Glad you came by.