Thursday, November 12, 2009

Terry Pratchett is back!

NEWSFLASH!!!! The fantastic Terry Pratchett is out with another book finally. (Thanks to BB for latest information and link.)

Here's an article on 'Unseen Academicals', Pratchett's latest wonderful gift to us.

What we learn about the book from said article:
1. It's another of the Discworld series.
2. It's as good as ever.
3. It's about soccer.
4. It's as good as ever.

That about covers it.
Reviewer recommends familiarising self with Discworld prior to this read, so maybe new readers will have trouble. For hard-core fans like us, it's a must-read.


General said...

its about soccer, london street gang - fanatic english style.. and its hilarious.. and it features the wizards and the librarian!!. its brilliants.. read it about a week ago..

longblackveil said...

OK, yippee.
Now on to real world problems. Jammu doesn't have a book store... :(