Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Presenting.....THE VIGIL IDIOT!

Hallo! Have I found the world's best ever blog? Maybe I did just that.
Have a look-see yourself. Pee in your pants laughing even. Presenting Mr Sahil Rizwan's blog: The Vigil Idiot.
Many thanks to Suma who FBed this wonder thereby bringing it to my notice. Whence it has caught on like wildfire with countless friends across our social networks responding with ROFLs, LOLzzzz, LMAO and the newest variant, IMAO. One wishes Mr Rizwan well and one will wait and watch for more.
The Vigil Idiot is also listed on my blogroll now. I proclaim self as certified psycho stalker.
In local parlance: Kickasssssss!

1 comment:

Fahad the Flawless said...

Yeahahahahaha. Um, don't you have to study? Go, NOW!