Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of...

Me in Doda. Oh, the thrill.

0430 hrs: Wake up to the adhaan from at least five neighbouring mosques. Drag self to the loo, wash up, pray Fajr.

0500hrs: Go back to sleep... *grin*

1000hrs or so: Wake up at leisure, stretch, yawn, sleep again, wake up again etc.

1030hrs: Breakfast

1030-1300hrs: Bathe/soak up sun/read/daydream/catch the news/get online.

1300-1345hrs: Get dressed, pray Dhuhr, lunch and off to work with Ma.

1400-2000hrs: At my school, taking classes and generally doing stuff of great import and consequence to the world. Shaping the next generation, as it were.
Moooahaahahaaa. (Like today. I had a most interesting session on common slang. Useful scientific terms were bandied about like 'snot', 'barf', 'booger', 'fart' and 'upchuck'. Also, such useful expressions as 'disgusting', 'gross', 'sick' and 'ewww'. The kids were most happy.)
Have two prayers at school: Asr and Maghrib, which I squeeze in between classes, along with some of the kids.

2000-2100hrs: Unwinding at home pre-dinner, and final prayer of the day, Ishaa.

2100-2130hrs: Dinner

2200hrs-0200/0300 hrs next morning: TV time and then...silly online business till sleep overcomes.

Like, right about now.


Manoj Govindan said...

I see that the blog title has been deprived of the superlatives and downgraded to merely long and black. What gives? :)

Fahad said...

Number of hours of sleep =>
0300 to 0430 = 1 hour 30 minutes
0500 to 1000 = 5 hours

Total = 6 hours and 30 minutes = Very VERY unhealthy.

Conclusion: Go sleep Sabbah before you turn anorexic or something. Tchah.

longblackveil said...

@Manoj: Just redid layout, and found superlatives unnecessary. So quick edit.

@Skinny: Sleep deficit makes people anorexic? Fahadddd, what have you been reading? *smacks forehead*

Fahad said...

Pretty, it is common knowledge that lack of sleep leads to weight loss. I would know this, okay? Okay.

Please go sleep and patiently wait for Wednesday to arrive which is when you'll have your backsides kicked. Like anything. Penalty it seems...baaah.

longblackveil said...

There you go. NOW you're making sense. Sleep deprivation leads to weight loss, not anorexia. Pttthhh.

Fahad said...

Excessive weight loss = anorexia.

Here's the equation Sabbah -

Very less sleep = Excessive weight loss = anorexia

Cappuccino? [some people say - 'capisce?', but that's just rude.]