Saturday, April 25, 2009

So commercial, yaaaa

Some Indian commercials over the years that I really liked:

1. The Limca Ad: Last year's O&M Limca offering: Sushma Reddy, Niketan Madhok and very, very lovely track. "Fuhaare, pohchaahre...".
Who is the singer, ma? This here blog, What An Advertise-Meant? has all the answers.

2. The Happy Dent ad: You know. THAT one. McKann Erickson gave us this treat. Rajasthan, dusk, palace grounds, vintage car, silly tennis in saree, Thakur in dining room and....lights! Hilarious, great concept. Esp. loved the disco lights bit. ;)
And again, superb music.
(Mera dil roshan, mera mann roshan...Toh jahaaaaaaaaaan roshannn....)

Wha-heyyyy, remember their earlier ad? Ismail Studios? Har har de har.

3. Hutch/Vodafone ads. Most of them are just plain nice. Actually decided on my first mobile connection based on the advertising. Meaning, Hutch beat Airtel like anything. I only found out later that wherever I went their network didn't really follow, but... Oh, guess what? These ones have great music as well. I'm seeing a trend.

4. Amul: Utterly, Butterly Fun Commercials.

5. Doodh, doodh, doodh, doodh, wonderful doodh! Love that.

6. Orbit chingum: With Dr Batavadekar was it? Mmmmppffff. How Orbit changed his life! And ours. ("White, white, Orbit white. It does not rhyme, but it's troooo.")

7. Cadbury's ads but without any trace of Amitabh Bachchan/Cyrus/other 'celebs'. I cannot stress this last part too much. The all-time favourite ad with the cricket match/girl trespassing onto field. Even the mehndi ad is nice.

8. Coca Cola and Aamir Khan: Fantastic series of ads some years ago. His 'paanch ka chhaap', the tapori ad and the Hyderabadi one. Nuts.

9. Eve-teasing ad on Aaj Tak: The old gentleman is kickass. The bleddy loafarrs are too.

10. Channel [V] 'Wear a Helmet' ad: Biker dude and "Born to be wiiiiiiiiiiiild!" track. Then, splat.
Also, their 'Brought to you Bai' series.

11. H-H-H-H-Heinz... Haahahahhaha. Have a watch:

Must be more. Can't remember now.


Santosh Kumar T K said...

:) :)

sorry for the barrage

Fahad said...

Talking about 'signs' for you-know-what, I wrote an entry about an advertisement about 10 days back!!!

Which brings me to ask you - You don't like the Safari ads? The latest one? I find that ad extremely exciting. Spine chillingly exciting.

Some really awesome Pepsi ads used to air long back (1996 or so). Although it wasn't an indian ad.

Scene 1: Professor walks in furiously asking the students to identify who stole the Pepsi. So one pavam student decides to take the blame and says - he did it (Actually everyone had) . Then guiltily another student stands up and says - "Yes, it was him" and the others follow. It was oh so awesome :)

Also funny was Channel V's Sholay ads. Jai rolls up his sleeve to find "Gabbar mera baap hai' scribbled on his arm. They show Gabbar with a pencil tucked behind his ear. Hilarious!!! Then the sardar (teacher) sees them bickering and orders them to - 'khade ho jao, haath upar kar ke khade ho jao.'

Everyone does so except Thakur. And Veeru comments - Tu nahi sudrega Thakur...


Last the Mentos ads. Gadduuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. hahahaha. Also the Sholay Mentos ad. I had given you the link some time back.

Jai Iyer ( Iyer Matter ) said...

Yeii. See off :

longblackveil said...

@Santosh: All barrages are welcome.:)

@Fahad: Allors? And where does it write? At the back of one's old 10th grade notebook? Perchance your writings have an accessible url? SHARE, buddy.

Thanks for the 'Sholay' Simpu video. Hahahhaa. Had such a larfff. That whole Channel [V] Simpu creation was fantastic. ["Yeh zoon-zoon kya kar raha hai? Zoon-zoon kar, zoon-zoon!"]

Tata Safari ad may as well have been a tourism ad for some place. Very, very pretty, sure, but what does it have to do with the jeep itself, you know?

@Jai Ho: Confessions of a Saab - Never watched DD growing up so... ulp... all DD allusions leave me confused only. Only thing I remember is when I used to come to Kashmir for the summer holidays, we used to watch He-Man, and Mahabharat, and there was something called Chitrahaar. But I never understood anything. :(