Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gulaal - Haven't watched it yet? But WHY????

Meaning go and watch immediately. One numbers standing ovation for Anurag Kashyap, and two numbers standing ovation for Piyush Mishra, the man in charge of music and lyrics. Kickasssssss.

Gulaal is a nice, hard sock in the solar plexus. Film noir and how. Everyone's the bad guy except poor Jesse Randhawa and Prithvi-Sa.
Here is a great review of the film on

My standouts from Gulaal:
1. Prithvi Sa - PIYUSH MISHRA himself! *ceetees*
2. Kay Kay Menon - Love this man. LOVE him. He can be so bad.
3. Abhimanyu Singh: Plays Rannanjay/Rann Sa. Searing-hot good till he's unceremoniuosly bumped off.
3. The man playing Jhadwaal. Badass only. Loved his filmy jokes and his stupid cronies laughing on cue. (What's with all these men in the hostel room in their undies only? I have a feeling it's realistic. Eeeks. Thank the Lord again that I am a girl-items.)
4. Lady playing Madhuri: Very fine. Kind of not completely there upstairs. 'Mein Tabu jaisi dikhti hoon?' and all sorts of Tabu songs playing in her room. Naaansense only!
5. Little sister Kiran: Eeeeeevil woman. Little firecracker only.
6. The music and lyrics - Oh me, oh my. Goose pimples only.


Santosh Kumar T K said...


hopped across in cyberspace to your posts.

couple of things (in fact more than a couple):

1) I like your fascination (?) for detailing
2) I like your fascination for getting the spelling right, capitalization when required
3) I like your A R Rahman and not A R Rehman
4) Nice to see someone dedicate bandwidth on his/her blog to a Srilankan cricket team

Of course my comments above are at random.

I have noticed girls aren't keen on this level of detailing, instead they like to paint a picture in broad strokes, nevertheless keeping the picture pretty.

Kindly do NOT take the above for a sexist comment but as a compliment for your sense of observation.

mazaa aa gaya PS: thanks for Mr.India, and Hawa Hawaai :)

Santosh Kumar T K said...

Please read that as "women" and pardon me for that.

longblackveil said...

Thanks, Santosh. Appreciate it. Keep dropping in.
PS: In your 'Separated at Birth' posts, try Ricky Ponting and George Bush.

Santosh Kumar T K said...

If Ricky Ponting and Bush chacha were separated at birth, let them be naa ?!! ;) good for us, they are not flocking together, varna pata nahi ...

actually both of them make you feel less guilty about yourself for "hating" someone from a distance without actually knowing them in person.

Sad when I have to say this about Ricky! used to "like" his batting so much. In fact still do.

Raman said...

Fantastic writing style you have. It is conversational, yet so engaging. The intensity of your thoughts is obvious in the intensity of your posts. Fabulous. Sooper maga! (collq. Kannada for 'awesome maaaan!' I assure you, it's as gender neutral as 'awesome maaaan!' is)

longblackveil said...

Thanks ra, Raman saar. Very kind of you. I am totally aware of gender neutrality of 'awesome maaan!' Never fear. ;)