Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Allama Iqbal's 'Lab Pa Aati Hai Dua'

This most famous nazm of the great poet Allama Iqbal is a very common prayer in many Indian and Pakistani schools. Haji Public School, Breswana, is no exception. Unlike most of Iqbal's poetry, this is in really simple, beautiful Urdu, easy for everyone to understand.

Here's a preferred rendition by some kid called Siza Roy. Lyrics with translation provided in the YouTube video.

PS: Must make special mention of my kids who absolutely do not follow this tune. They have their own take on the music that should accompany this prayer.:)


Fahad said...

I really like this prayer. It's absolutely brilliant.

N said...

Oh yes, i have heard this one. Recalled it when i heeard it. Thanks. Its so naive.

longblackveil said...

@N: *grin* Yes, it IS naive, but... sigh. If only.