Monday, December 13, 2004

4 days

and this is not a rip off of '7 days' by a certain Amreekan songster, whose name at the moment eludes me...
oh wait!! its that craig david, and i dont like his crooning one bit...

4 days is in fact just-and-only a pure algebraic statement, a mathematical fact, when seen as the number of days i have left here in jammu, with kith and kin..

ugh. whatta situations.. have to get back to doing somthing soonest.. cant poosibly be ranting on and on about how many days are left of my old life..

am done.


Boomsa said...

4 days. it is only slightly unbelievable and bizarre. sniff.

Boomsa said...

No. 44, Sunrise

Today there are white streaks in my sky
And above No. 44, Sunrise
The birds began to cry.

Somewhere, perhaps, an odd scarf or shoe
Or the old neighbourhood mutt
Is weeping silently for you.

The road to everywhere is painted grey
And No. 44, an angry red
Tired of asking you to stay.

Today, a lonely tear slowly dries into my face.
There are white streaks in my sky
As I hurry past your place.