Thursday, December 09, 2004

the run down

ladies and others..

we leave the us of j&k on the 17t of this month.. thats about a week away, plus one or 2, which dont count in the larger scheme of things..

my bags are still unpacked..

bent my back yesterday ironing out my new clothes, and then tossing them hither and thither for the assorted siblings and maters to pack in fancy-shmancy ways, in cellophane packs... [my conscience cringes at what im doing to the environment in my small-scale life!]

theres a rumor going around [my mom started it] that my kith and kin.. are...from now on, every night going to turn up at chez haji and sing and dance and cry for the bride to be.. eeeyuk. *my toes curl upwards in a fsahion reminiscent of the olden days when i was thrown in close proximity with an aunt of the boomsa's*].

how i hate the show and the sha...esp the sha bit... leave me be.. i mean, i love my foks, but lets not be corny! admittedly though, i have been an active part of similar show-shas for other relatives' wedding things.. serves me right!@

the upside: isnt there always one??... im getting invited for dinners and yum things of similiar natures, at everybody's house.. aah, the joy of rich, meaty, spiced up kashmiri cuisine!!
hehehehhe//.. so sorry noopa and other veggies..its the true.

as an aside, storm's turning out to be more adorable everyday. everyday in every way, he gets better and better.
[the above is called a non sequitir.]

on that off-tune note, i end.

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