Sunday, December 05, 2004

who killed the mockingbird?

apparently no one,
but i had to use some title..

it so happens that im currently involved deeply and thoroughly in packing for my impending future as a married something. mins to say like, i have to filter, sort, choose and discard. from my old stuff.. to be able to fit into my new suitcases to take aways with me to my new digs..
4 cases, and a lifetime to pack. ouch.

have left behind most of everything.. have taken special somethings that i know i cant stand losing..
tinkerbells from boomsa..[maybe she got them from pondi?], and her swell present of rumi to me...
poetries bookses from shro...
old musics, hidden beneath new clothes-stuff, bcoz if mama sees thems, she'll faint. [all she's thinking in terms of nowadays is 'baggage allowed per person'].
special bookses... 'to kill a certain mockingbird' among them!
all corny foto-albums from school up...
old jeans-pents, assorted pyjamas, tattered kurtas and tshirts from a different age..
many many many bags that grownups in my family fail to understand. hyuk.

and so on and so forth..
painfull as hell... and since i can't swear anymore, except in my head, i just have this much to say:


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