Friday, August 03, 2007

Bonzo has a new friend

His name is Party Pooh. He's a nice guy to have around simply because no matter what you do to Pooh [like take his head in your teeth and shred it to bits], he'll always smile stupidly back.
Bonz takes turn loving and hating him. I caught him here at a particularly weak, mushy moment when he was just nodding off and I naughtily Placed Pooh under his "Protective Paw." [Transliteration like yenything.]
My plan is, when Bonz grows up and starts having friends over for beer and poker, I'll pull out these incriminating snaps and ruin his social life. Mooooaaahahahhahaaaahaaaaaaaa.....
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Jellicles said...

my boy #2 used to hump the resident stuffed skunk. it was one of those surreal things that keeps replaying inside my head again and again...only mildly disturbing..he fell out of love rather!

longblackveil said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing. :)
I shall have pleasant imaginary visuals of your boy#2 humping said stuffed smelly.
Strange that he stopped his shags - unless he has found substitutes, of course. That must be it.

Jellicles said... was a stuffed toy..not very smelly. the opposite, in fact..i am afraid my husband was partly responsible..he let the skunk sit in a plastic bag with some catnip scattered into it. i think boy#2 found the catnip irresistable, but like all good things, it faded away over time and hence his lack of interest. he has become fat and irreverant now.

longblackveil said...

Aha! Catnip.
Strangely, our Bonz has no interest in catnip. He stays away from narcs, our good lad. [He's such a bore! One of these days I'm sure I'll walk in on him sipping cranberry juice and reading Plath by the windows.]

Pancho said...

As a dog who loves stuffed animals, I find your post leaves me in a quandry. On one hand, I can relate to your cat - I too love to sink my teeth into those plush little stuffed toy bodies. But, as a dog, I must also confess that I'd like to do the same thing to your cat.

longblackveil said...

@pancho: Expression of utmost horror and awe.