Saturday, August 18, 2007

Independence Day, 2007

L-R: Nosh, Donna, Li'l Donna, Aloks, Hilaaldi [Rukmani], Tits, Pinaki, Kamal, Don

Which only means that it was a holiday in the middle of the week and I had yet another oppurtunity to spend the day with the Insaneguptas [Aloka, Pinkai and Tits] and mad friends: Baawa Nosh, Don Bhai, Donna, their daughter Li'l Donna, Hilaaldi and Kamal.
Luched at a restaurant called Malgudi on Outer Ring Road [not great at all, service esp bad that day]. Then moved on to Ivy's Unwind Island and had a great time there. Flies notwithstanding. Superb Iced Tea, hot fudge brownies with mocha ice cream and delicious apple pie. Sluurrrrpp.
Highlights of the afternoon:
1. Establishment of Raavana's sterling qualities and aesthetic appeal.
2. Establishment of Hilaaldi as Ravaana's sibling.
3. Small talk about a dainty Vietnamese lady and a big Nigerian man.
4. Fortune-telling by a parrot trainer [Aloka is going to live to be a 110 years old, and Rukmani's good times have started.]
5. Li'l Donna gets public support for her Saturday co-ed outing.

That was that.
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satyre said...

Salam! I've been out all week. No access absolootely. Just endless episodes of 'scrubs' to keep me entertained. Thanks for the hook up frund :D