Monday, August 06, 2007

What's going on, boys?

Another great run for McLaren at Hungary, but as usual, a cloud came along to spoil the silver lining's party. No Constructor Points for Team McLaren on account of some shady business during the Qualifying. Bleehhhhhh. Well done, Lewis. Alonso.... Promise us more drama at Turkey?
Before the whole world and its uncle jumps in to fling mud at Alonso, though, have a look here.
Look like there MIGHT POSSIBLY BE another side to the story. Mayhap young Lewis was a little bit to blame himself? This is not to say that Alonso doesn't have a habit of getting headlined in the most awful stories. One must admit, the guy has a knack.
In any case, I adore both drivers though I have no idea how they still manage to work around each other. Slight awkwardness at the office, what?
Great run by Raikkonen as well, but overtaking was always going to be next to impossible on this circuit. [Thought to self: Why, oh WHY did he switch to Ferrari?]


Babur said...

{begin tirade}
alonso showed what a cheater he is and hamilton showed his true nature by not listening to his team boss. serves them right. they both should have been penalized and dropped from the race altogether. they are just full of themselves.

kimi is going to win the WDC. and i am glad he did...mclaren does not deserve a driver like him. scumbags like alonso and hamilton fit in nicely in the team though.
{end tirade}

longblackveil said...

[begin laughter] Haaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa.....

[end laughter]

Bob, you make me happy:)!