Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I like!

I just went through to a very interesting blog- Umar Lee's - and found some real eye-openers on Muslim opinion around the world. Like this post and the hundreds of comments it got. Saddening to see some schools of thought, comforting to hear the sound of reason.
I thank Satyre for her link there.


Jellicles said...

hmm..i dont know what to say..

consider this is a random speculation..but i think *most* men from all cultures/religions/zipcodes are probably the same way..there are adulterers, rapists and narrow minded creatures with male appendages *everywhere*..until recently, women were considered as "property" and the key player responsible for perpetuating the human species...the only difference is probably that some muslim men are able to justify it by quoting islamic texts(the latest is the most ridiculous fatwa issued in egypt.. of permitting women to breast feed their collegues so that men and women can work together..the logic being that the woman is now 'family' as she played the role of 'mother'..of course, this was challenged and rejected..but this is the extent to which religious texts can be 'translated' and 're' interpreted to justify idiocy) ..i can tell you that hindu texts are equally bad(manusmirti comes to mind immediately..rama was considered god among men, but he treated his wife,sita, rather shabbily..draupati was married to five men who shared her..one day with each husband... and she was gambled away by her first husband in a game of chess) and judeo-xian religious literature(hah! dont even get me started here..they are the absolute worst!) has plenty of loopholes to justify physical and emotional abuse against women..

but yea..this is beside the point you are making.

longblackveil said...

Ah, no, but you see, the point is that of course no religion [or their texts] prescribes bestial or abhorrent behaviour of ANY sort. It is a certain kind of depraved man [and you correctly say that they span across all faiths/beliefs] that has over the years wrongly promulgated certain beliefs and practices, with his own reading and pronouncements on various scriptures or texts, again, in the name of religion and what-have-you.
I strongly stand by the belief that if only every person struck to the fundamanetals of what each of our religions teaches us, which is essentially goodness and faith [and really, ALL faiths point only in this direction], we'd all be in a much better place and this sort of blogging would be rendered unnecessary. Hmmmph. Damn us.

Jellicles said...

"Damn us'...indeed...

thats why cats rule.

they follow the fundamentals of their religion...eat well and sleep well.

longblackveil said...

Hyaahaaa. Yes, Catses rule indeed. The Egyptians got it right ages ago.