Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Reds

Hmmph. Ferrari managed a one-two at Turkey this Sunday. Alonso followed a while later in 3rd. Full summary here.

Extremely tragic moment of the race: Hamilton's sensational tyre-burst. And he still pulled in 5th. Very good.

The rest of the season has suddenly become interesting again with the Ferrari-McLaren gap narrowing in. It could swing either way now in the 5 remaining races.
In the Team Constructor standings, Mclaren is at 148 and Ferrari is just 11 points behind at 137. And the Driver Standings are Hamilton- 84, Aonso- 79, Massa- 69 and Raikkonen- 68. Close as all-get-out! Should be fun.

Can't wait for Monza. Go McLaren!

[All pics bummed off F1.com.]


Fahad said...

Go Mclaren at Monza?
It's our backyard woman...bwahahhaahaha

Frythools said...

you might want to read this:

longblackveil said...

Ohho! Two Ferrari fanatics jump to respond, to defend, to shriek out their support.... I get it. You heart Ferrari.
The bugles have sounded, Jimmiya. Let the battle commence! Excuse me while I make a few important strategy-related calls to Ron Dennis.