Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back from Mumbai

Apologies for not publishing/responding to various comments and absolutely no new posts up in the past week. Internet parlours are not found every 15 feet in Mumbai as is the case in apna Bangalore. So.
Incidentally, here's a beautiful bug I found on my balcony the other day. I know it's neither here nor there, but I wanted to put the photo up and so I will.


kinkminos said...

without puting too fine a point on it, you should know you were like sort of maybe perhaps kind of missed just a wee bit. can't think why for the moment. burhaapay mein yad-daasht jaati ja rahi hai.

i've just discovered labels. on my blog this kind of post would be tagged with the heading "travels with my ant."

longblackveil said...

Super. I remember back in the day when I discovered labels. Kya haseen shaam thi woh. My blog had new meaning.
Thank you for dropping in, Korny.

Anonymous said...

Can NO see the bug? how isht can be seen?