Sunday, November 11, 2007

Whooopeeee deflated...

Gaaaaak. Pakistan lost today. Almost a miserable loss, by 46 runs no less.
Immediate caustic comments from "friends" overseas in the Gelf:
"awwwwwwwwwww what a sad...Pakistan lost again hehehe
WOOhooo..............Go India!."
[Skinny, that's you. Hmmmph.]

I hate this pendulum swinging of my moods based on match results. I was feeling really great after the equalizer on Thursday, and now it's back to grumpy and sullen again till the next match and its result. I must take tranquilizers in the interim. Or anything to deaden the senses. In fact, it might not be too bad an idea to down a lot of Valium even on the actual days of play. The emotional roller coaster is a bit much.
After the T20 debacle, our help Lakshmi would dust around me and lift me up in her left hand to sweep underneath me with her right because I would lie lifeless and inert with a glazed, befuddled, tragic look on my visage. It was nice of her to not laugh at me to my face.

So. About today's match.
There's no excusing Pakistan. India outplayed the Greenies in all departments, especially their batting. That applause-worthy partnership between hot-rods Dhoni and Yuvraj was something else. Great start by the old school prefects, Sachin and Gangs. Once they were out, it looked like Pakistan might claw their way back in but no, no. Captain and vice-cap waltzed in, gave the ball a good talking to all around the stadium and put India back in the driver's seat.
Paki bowlers cleaned up a few wickets in the end, but it was too late.
The average score at Kanpur has been 225, and India managed 294 for 6. Pak hoped sending Mental Afridi up in the front might help and for the first over it seemed okay. But then the paagal Pathan decided he wanted to go across the line again and completely missed the India Pathan's good in-line delivery. Bah! Good riddance.

Huge round of applause for the brilliant Salman Butt. He came in at the beginning and gave us some dredges of hope till the very end of the innings but wickets on the other side fell with a ridiculous casualness. A beautifully played 129, his highest ODI score yet. Who the hell will Pak find to open alongside him? Ye gods.

It's 2-1 now, and all eyes will be on Gwalior on the 15th when the4th ODI takes place. Match starts 1430 IST. It's a day-nighter.

Fingers crossed, hopes weighed down deliberately with king-sized anvil.


kinkminos said...

i don't know anything about the conditions at gwalior or the state of the vee-kutt, but a nagging feeling in the pit of my stummick is telling me that we packies are going to get our overgrown tushies whupped yet again.
: (

on the plus side, my per-dictions have an annoying habit of coming false. (that's one reason i hate gambling.)

longblackveil said...

I have to agree. Sinking feeling in pit of stomach about sums it up. I believe it's going to be 3-1. (I also believe I'm a great jinx so maybe, just maybe, if I feel strongly and predict India's win, they'll lose.)

But this is fantastic! With your wrong predictions and my jinxed beliefs, we have a foolproof plan to ensure a Paki victory!

kinkminos said...

: )
now if only shoaib malik and shoaib kambakhtar and the mötley crue follow this fairy-tale script.