Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Musically Kinklined

Blog-maestro Kinkmino's little brother stars in Dhamaal, a product of the Pakistani band Overload. He's the young guy with the trimmed beard, chocolate shirt, butter T-shirt and regular jeans-pent. NO THIS IS NOT HIS PIC. That would be so obvious.
Little brother is playing all those dandy hand percussion instruments and pursing his lips and shaking his head in earnest enjoyment. Very nice! *seeeteeees*
(Get on You Tube and rate the video there. GO!)
Which one, you're still asking. No, not the drummer, not the keyboardist, not either of the horses, not the very wonderful Pappu Saeen [see right] on dhol. How very wonderful he looks in this pic.
I'm telling you, it's Hassan on the hand percussions. On rooftop even.
Kinky bhai, it must be said, he's the cutest.


kinkminos said...

hai hai! "maestro?"
aadab, aadab.
such taareefings!? mera to sar phool ke ghubara sa ho jayega. buss pin laganay ki der hogi.

thank you for linking to my post.

ol' pappu is da man! one of my compulsorial-type ziarats on trips to lahore is a visit to shah jamal ka mazar where pappu plays (almost) every thursday night. vot a performance(s) yaar. udhar jumerat ki mannat mangnay avaam ka tola nazrein jhukaye huay. idhar pappu ke shehdai jhoom barabar jhoomings.

vot a great, man. vot a great.

longblackveil said...

*loffing* at "idhar pappu ke shehdai jhoom barabar jhoomings."