Monday, November 12, 2007

All the pretty horses

Erm. When I said in my previous post that 'cats win hands down', I of course meant that it was a very close thing.


Babur said...

ooh..the 3rd horse from top reminds me of Billoo in Baraswana. You know the one who would always take the scenic route and in the process I would get a million scratches on face, hands, etc.

and the last pic, where the horse is doing the Black Power Salute, reminds me of Kaaniya. The horse OB used to ride and due to lack of sight in one eye(hence the name, duh) would bump into everyone else.

longblackveil said...

Billoo? Or Neelu? Get your facts right.... Or wait, was he called Billoo but was actually a 'neej ghud'? I can't remember... He used to be Abba's and we were a little scared of him and completely in awe as well. Abba never took him uphill through the regular route and hence he never took ANYONE up the normal route. Haha.
And yes, of course Kaaniya was a hottie. He was one of the 'things that go bump in the day'.
Ah, what days. Whe was the last time you went to Brausauna, Bob? [Please note CORRECT SPELLING of Brausun(a).]

Babur said...

ehh...first of all Baraswana is how its pronounced in umreeca.

Billoo and Neeloo were two different horses, so please do not kaanfuse them.

Interesting Fact of the Day:
Billoo died of old age and Neeloo was shot dead by your Dad!! yes, you heard it right, your Dad took out the double-barrel gun and bang-bang shot him dead in the middle of the field near the mosque. why? coz he had injured its ankle and could not run fast enough anymore. Have you asked your dad why he would do such a cruel thing? Make sure you ask over the phone and not in person coz i asked and was answered by 2 slaps. After that I was of the firm belief that Neelloo must have done something wrong and deserved to die.

longblackveil said...

Noooooooo... Vaat naansense! How dare you insinuate murder? Any witnesses? [There should be two religious, shareef, khaandaani, reliable and very good-looking persons and in this day and age you will never find such folks so your case has been disproved already! Hah.]
Anyway, when was this? Let me try and think back to my childhood. I can't remember a Neelu PLUS a Billoo, but with names like that, where else can they be from. B-A-R-A-S-W-A-N-A? Ugh. Umreeeka vaaley bhi na... Uff.
And Abba slapped you? TWICE? Yay.... That's great. How come these embarrassing stories never came up earlier? Tell me more. I mean, remember we had that Doda pummeling during a highly interesting scene from Betaab and you all have given us grief over that ever since. This Interesting Fact of the Day where you get whupped by Abba is like a soothing balm to the scorn we had to endure all these years.

Babur said...

umm...cant remember who was there, but there were a few who witnessed this atrocity - the slapping, not the murder.
so yeah..that day in biggest family drama day, i say. i plan to write a book based on that one incident only. too many layers in each and every move and word spoken.