Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Speaking of jinxed minxes, Imran Khan is arrested in Lahore.
Hang on now. Keep your panties on. It's only house arrest. No chakki peesing and peesing within teen deewaarein.
Reuters has a video of the arrest, which took place at a student rally where Khan finally reemerged today after giving the authorities a slip at the beginning of the Emergency. Doesn't he look so bleddy good?


kinkminos said...

iman se, i'm so jealous of this IMAN KHAN for having all the chicks go hai allah mein sadqe javaan!

but, jokes aside, i can't get this nagging feeling out of my head that the whole locking up in a room for 2 hours of the great khan, and dumping him in the back of a car was all staged, or at the very least, the desired outcome.

not that i object. this is the kind of stunt he needs to pull if he is to get wider exposure and increased street cred. that's the sad state of packy politics. go to jail, go directly to jail. do not pass GO. do not collect 200 smackeroos. and exchange that get-out-of-jail-free card for a few photo ops.

immediately following his incarceration, his lawyer in england -- who is also named imran khan (though i don't think you'd exactly include him in the HOT category) -- made a statement to the effect that immi kaka was in fear of his life cos of the case he filed against pir-o-murshid altaf hussain of mqm fame.

but don't take me too seriously. i'm just an ageing cynic.

kinkminos said...

here's another (more erudite than mine) response to the arrest of great khan. humayun gauhar's article is titled Caged tiger, angry dragon.

perhaps a tad more balanced than my view, would you say?