Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vote for Imran Khan! The Imandaar Khan!*

Who can blame me for falling in love with Pak cricket?

I don't get the Creed background music, but whatever.
If Imran becomes Pak prez, I think that will be the end of Indo-Pak hostilities. Who can NOT like the drooly Khan?

*Title edited on account of no one except the Great Kinky noticing my witty word-play. Pah. Kinkminos, tussi great ho. Val done, bwoiz.


kinkminos said...

well, he's certainly the only person with any integrity to have joined the political fray. he is the sort of fella we need more of in that bloody gladiatorial arena some people call pakistan's political field, despite the following remarks (attributed to mohsin hamid):

"...that clown, Imran Khan - what the hell is he up to? Hiding under the bed in his cousin's house and issuing video tapes as if he was Osama bin Laden in his Tora Bora cave... what a joker!

"Would you hire a hospital clerk to fix your prostate... who is good looking, from a nice family, honest and reasonably intelligent but doesn't know crap about Urology ?

"Politics, like prostitution and urology, is a profession and you have to know the art to be successful. We have had people like Imran Khan before. Asghar Khan is a prime example - a hijra from his home town got more votes than him... Imran Khan should have joined an established party and learned the trade instead of striking out on his own. Like a freelance streetwalker he is going to get beaten up by the pimps and the other girls... it is a tough business... I feel sorry for the poor guy... he really is a nice man..."

longblackveil said...

Mohsin Hamid is one rude bugger.
And anyway, IMRAN IS HOT!!!!!

kinkminos said...

i just noticed the spelling of great khan's name in the post title. was that deliberate, or just a (non)freudian slip?
: )

longblackveil said...

It was meant to be. But like all good jokes gone flat, I have now had to explain myself. With a asterisk to boot. Nahiiiii.....nnn!
Only you, Eagle Eye Kink, made manshun of this. Shaabaash.