Monday, November 26, 2007

In the meanwhile....

(Meaning the week and more that I was out of action - interesting news items of interest not in chronological order)
1. Pakistan won the penultimate and utterly useless final ODI, garnering a face-saving 3-2 scoreline. Hah. Big deal.
2. Imran Khan was released.
3. Nandigram became uglier and uglier and now it's par for the course so expect it'll move to Page 8 or 10 of the dailies soon.
4. Synchronised triple blast in UP, some b@$-turds taking innocent lives again for another incomprehensible motive.
5. India wins first test at Kotla easily. Kumble shines as captain, Tendulkar shines as always, Shoaib whines as always. Well, okay, he didn't whine. I'm a pissed fan. I can say anything. I'm waiting for hi to grow up into a captain. And I really think he should eat more. He looks near-death.
6. Saab in Bangalore researches life in Mumbai and readies self for the big Heave-Ho.
7. Pakistan still simmers under Busharraff's dictation.
8. Taslima Onscreen in another silly controversial attack-escape routine.
9. Kolkata sees fire.
10. Darjeeling sees the GNLF spring back into action after a while now.
11. Fedex and Sampras played three exhibition matches around Asia [Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Macau]. Fedex won the first two - they were pretty tight matches though they were both straight set wins [6-4, 6-3 and 7-6, 7-6]. And then Pistol Pete, balding ever so slowly, took home the third. Another tight match with the first set tie-breaker going to 10-8, and then 6-4. Experts and laymen are all agreed that in current form, Sampras could be in today's top 5 in the men's world rankings. Yayyyyy! Sampras quietly shooed away any hopes of coming back into competitive playing. [Full BBC story on the third match.]
8. Yet another Middle-East peace conference scheduled to be held in Annapolis. Yawn.
9. I had a farewell party thrown in my honour at darling Titla's place o Saturday. There was biryani, there was Cranium, there were friends and there were new friends. I got a super MP3 from a Ryanotaurus, earrings from an Annettie, Fab clothes from Doc Iqbal, jvellries from a Thirtha and a losing place in Cranium on account of some very shite luck. Whatte fun it was! Pics up soon.


kinkminos said...

love this world-at-a-glance blogstyle, esp your quirky numbering scheme.
(i assume there's a wee bit of method behind this madigitness :)

i recognised most of the protagonists in your story. but what is a taslima onscreen, and who, or why, or which, or what is a bangalorean saab. the saabs we have out here are mostly quirky little four-door, lightly-turbocharged horseless-carriages.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@kinkminos - Saab is herself; onscreen is maybe on the tv screen.

backpakker said...

not a bad week..thanks for the headlines :)

longblackveil said...

Thank you, indeed Anon AR.
Erm... The mad digitness is a bleddy blunder. I have no idea how that happened.
Saab is indeed the Self and not the Swedish dream.

kinkminos said...

ah, sodeska


aaaaaah so-o-o-o-o-deska

some things are starting to make sense now.

btw, have you moved to sunny bombay all-raddy? you've updated your "about me" thingy. (or perhaps has a psychic gps tracking device)