Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stupid cricket match and a lovely cafe called BrewHaHa

First ODI between India and Pakistan at Guwahati, Nov 5th, 2007.
Match summary: "It was a tired, dull effort on a sluggish surface."
-Siddhartha Vaidyanathan on

A yawn-inspiring match between the two teams that always promise excitement and drama when playing each other. Except it wasn't so at all yesterday.
India won deservedly as Pakistan handed the match over to the Indians in a super-slo-mo turn of events. The Paki bowling and fielding was so ho-hum I won't write about it. A couple of upsides: Salman Butt looks in good nick, as does Mohd Yousuf. Downsides: Too many to list in detail but the broad outlines may read as 'bowling' and 'fielding'. How many times will Mohd Yousuf try and save the day only to have the rest of the Greenie Meanies turn it into a shambles?
Am very disappointed in Shoaib Malik's captaincy or lack thereof. Maybe he was thinking about the Emergency situation back home? Probably not, but what the hell was he thinking of otherwise is my question.
More amusement was in store for all viewers as Afridi got out in yet another comical attempt at bludgeoning the ball. (You nutty Pathan, keep your panties on for a while, why don't you?) Afridi's full-stretch lunge from toe to extreme-tip-of-bat measured in at 57 feet, 8 inches. At least that was what it looked like. He missed the ball by a further 3'5" feet and the math becomes too depressing now to give a final cumulative of the asinine act. Oh, well, at least he didn't waste too many balls and livened things up a bit. 31 off 32 is a fun show.
On the Indian side, good bowling esp by the spinners. Sachin is a hero and a good man and both were on display yesterday. Couldn't contribute with the bat? No problem. He stepped in with his cute smile and a couple of important wickets. Stop dissing Sachin all the time, folks, really. And Sourav. There's a reason they're counted amongst the greats. And both showed it yesterday.
Dhoni is firmly entrenching himself in my heart of hearts as a really nice lad and a good cricketer. Consistency is not something to be sneered at. Yuvi did good again.
All in all, an infuriating day for me as I watched the ease with which India took the match away. Obviously batting in the middle orders wasn't too tough, Pakis, because India did just fine. Hmmmph.
Later on in the evening, as a salve on my wounds, I cleverly met up with a couple of my girlfriends who couldn't care less about the cricket. In this intelligent manner, I avoided being ridiculed for supporting Pakistan and also enjoyed thoroughly at a very nice cafe in Koramangala called Brew HaHa. (Right next to Jyoti Nivas College.)

Let me talk a bit about this joint. I give it 4.4 out of 5 thumbs up. I have been to Brew thrice already and have really enjoyed each time. The cafe was started by a couple of friends: one Mr Sreeram and one Mr Mansur. More about them here. The menu is great, the food is lovely, very budget place and an easy, fun ambience.
Brew-Ha-Ha is built around the concept of gaming and fun. (Which is to say indoor 'games', of the board kind and 'fun' of the clean, family atmosphere kind.) Games available include Scrabble, Coda, Cranium, Pictionary and over 60 other games most of which I hadn't heard of. The walls are also mounted with white board for added fun and creativity. Ask for the games menu and learn a few new things.
The cafe has ample seating: tables-and-chairs as well as floor-rug-seating in the corners with cushions/bolsters for your use and pleasure.
The place is boisterous and noisy during the day when college kids bunk and come away to enjoy a few innocent hours. On a weekday evening, it'll be quiet and pleasant.
The menu itself is very diverse, with a lot of choice available in terms of food as well as beverages. And very amusing names for many of the menu items, inspired by comic book or popular fiction.
Yesterday I had the Roast Chicken, Mayo and Apple Sandwich (with a special request to not add the apples in- yes, I can be like that) and the Willie Wonka Cappuccino [a dreamy mochachino - really excellent]. My friend had a Paneer Tikka Sandwich plus a Cappuccino and another friend the Oriental Stir Fried Noodles and a Lime Water. All of us concurred on these points: The food was excellent, the servings generous. Beverages were top-notch as well. Add to this the great pricing and we were a much-satisfied threesome.
Service was friendly and only a tiny bit slow, but this went unnoticed because we had a really good time in totum. The desserts look appealing as well. Their cheese cake is fantastic. Last time I was there I had a huge slab and packed another one to take home with me.
The next time I go to the cafe, I intend to try the Intergalactic Gargle Blaster. And maybe something from the pasta menu. I'm pretty confident I'll be happy with whatever I order. I have been reading random reviews of the place online and it's unanimous: everyone has enjoyed their food at Brew-Ha-Ha. Not a single unhappy critique.
My friends and I have decided we will patronise this joint like no one else. Here's to time and money well spent and the promise of a lot more of the same.

Highly recommend for a bit of old-school-memories fun. Go!


Apoorv Gawde said...

*Start Rant*
they say its a place that can have u sipping coffee and playing board games, they dont have Scrabble though, I however carry my own scrabble board, and they plain refused to let us play there. I find that pathetic. Two IIM clowns run that place, and I gave them a piece of my mind last time
*End Rant*

Fahad said...

Is this place the same as where once stood expressophilia?


Fahad said...

And do they have Chess?

moahahahahahaha...please challenge it'd be a match of sorts plus a "hot lunch date" hehehehehaw

longblackveil said...

@ Apoorv: Good Gawde! Seriously? They certainly DO have Scrabble now. I think you scared them into buying a set.
And to be fair, it's like a restaurant not allowing you to carry in a can of Coke or a theatre refusing to let you take your DVD player in, n'est pas? ;)

@ Fahad: It's going to be a tragic visit to India for you, Fahad-ski. Losses at tennis, table tennis, badminton, and now chess? Tsk tsk. My but you're brave.

Apoorv Gawde said...

But nowhere did they mention, that I cannot get my own board games.
I was even willing to pay the stupid 20Rs an hour they charged to play a game.

Coffee Day lets me play, Barista Lets me play (I play there every saturday), strange then that this "Game Place" does not.

So no Brewhaha for me :)

Fahad said...

Indeed. Really really tragic. I will feel really bad handing you those losses you mention. Sha. Where is the good old "gentleman" spirit gone?

Tragic I tell you.

kinkminos said...

well, we packies redeemed ourselves on the cricket field the other day (in a match i sadly didn't watch, except for the last 8 overs). the amazing ability of the pak team to effect such a contnuous succession of sea changes in its performance continues fill me with awe (and shock) (and horror) (and a weeeeee bit of hope).

at least the result makes the rest of the series potentially more interesting.

this board game cafe sounds great.
when my older two kids were younger, we used to play board games all the time (incl. pictionary, cluedo, trivial pursuit, monopoly, vaghaira vaghaira). i now play (less frequently) with my six year old. i should make more of an effort to play more often. to me the most important aspect is that we play together, instead of individually against a stunningly put-together series of electronic impulses. board games are interactive in a way that even the most interactive video game can never be.

btw, is an "intergalactic gargle blaster" the non-alky version of ford prefect's favourite drink in the universe, a pan galactic gargle blaster, described by the hithchiker's guide to the galaxy thus:

“...the best drink in existence is the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. It says that the effect of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.”

longblackveil said...

@Kink: Yes, the Intergalactic Gargle Blaster WAS a take on Douglas paa-ji's masterpiece. And a little bit of this.
I must also mention that they have a Calvin's favourite which involves not some little amount of chocolate, peanut butter and more goo. Sluuurrrrp.

kinkminos said...

sounds like a great way to cure the sort of hangover which might follow a pan galactic gargle blaster binge... all that chocolate and goo. oooooooooh!
(ow, my head hurts already!)

btw, is this the drink they serve at the brewhaha???
sounds pretty darned evil to me.